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Gerard Stricher was born in 1948 to a family of artists in Sarrebourg, France. He began to paint during the 70’s while he was studying as an engineer in Paris.

New people met, different landscapes observed and other realities gradually became stratified in his unconscious to reappear later in his painting.

At first glance we are impressed by his works, their rich and vivid colors.

Gérard Stricher composes his telluric and sensual painting by using vibrant colors, expressive energy and violent automatisms. The color prevails. The shades mix. In these almost abstract works, only remains the unclear outline of a face, a vague and distorted silhouette, two eyes perhaps, or rather two rings, a face or its mark, its souvenir or what is left from the violent gesture of the painter.

His paintings often include many literary references such as the Fables of Jean de Lafontaine.

His technique creates a rich and dense appearance, lays bare a complex texture, which enlivens the surface of his paintings.

The artist plays with the hot yellow of sun light, the green of pulsating life, the deep blue of the sea, the red of blood.

A communicative energy emerges from his works to immerse us in the vivid colors, giving a chaotic impression. His characters seem to share their astonishment at the world, with their eyes wide open.

Influenced by Bengt Lindström, Asger Jorn and Corneille, he found inspiration in Nordic folk art, primitive art and children’s drawing, as much as in expressionism.

Ten years ago, he established his studio inside an old mill situated between the forest and the meandering River Seine. This place inspired many generations of artists, from Claude Monet who painted the church tower of Vétheuil to Joan Mitchell and Jean-Paul Riopelle who lived there too.  

In 2010 the enthusiastic response of the patrons of Bartlow Gallery in Chicago launched his American career. In 2011 they featured his work in a one man show at Art Chicago.

His work is in the collection of Empire Bank in Springfield, Missouri, and the Pepsi Cola Foundation of New York.




Inception Gallery presents Gérard Stricher







2007 - Espace Commines à Paris.

2009 - Carré du THV au Havre.

Galerie Swiss Art Space à Lausanne.

Galerie Rosanoff à Nice.

2010 - Galerie Peter Bartlow à Chicago.

Espace Commines à Paris.

2011 - Galerie Av2P Lille.

Art Chicago 2011 avec la Galerie Bartlow.

2012 - Galerie Schwab Beaubourg.

Espace Bonnard et Espace Bernardin au Cannet.

Galerie Laura Rathe à Houston.

2013 - Galerie BAM à Toulouse.

Galerie du Vieux Lyon et BNP Paribas à Paris.

2014 - Galerie Mézières à Auvers-sur-Oise.

Galerie  Kellermann à Düsseldorf

2015 - Curator’s Choice à Munich.

Galerie La Véluze à Honfleur.

Centre d’Art “Kunst&Kulture“ à Aschau en Allemagne.

Galerie Lindengrün à Vienne en Autriche.


Inception Gallery, Paris

Château La Doucette à Drancy en été. 75 œuvres présentées. Commissaire d’exposition Christian Noorbergen

MM Gallery à Bruxelles.

2017 -Musée Kallmann à Munich (rétrospective).


Art Fair


2011 - Art Elysées, Paris (France)

2011 - Art Chicago, Chicago (USA)

2012 - Art Elysées, Paris (France)

2014 - Lille Artfair, Lille (France)

2016 - Art Up, Lille (France)

2016 - Art Karlsruhe (Allemagne)


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