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Sculpture, according to Ken Kelleher, is above all a dialogue between materials, shapes, colours, light, the notion of space, time, content… Through his creations, he questions visitors on the meaning of what they are watching.

«There is an element of surprise when you create something that has never existed before in the world».

This American artist studied art at Alfred University. After his studies, it is at Hudson Studio that he makes his weapons. A few years later, he held the position of creative director in an advertising agency. But today, after 20 years of working in this industry, he has returned to his old loves, sculpture.

Its concept: to design grandiose, gigantic, colourful and abstract sculptures. But all this in a new form because Ken Kelleher makes his sculptures from a digital design process.

And it is with a wide variety of colors, shapes, materials that the artist designs these gigantic pieces using steel, aluminum, bronze, concrete, inflatable structures…

“Whether it is a personal, corporate, collective or institutional place, I see art as a way to stimulate reflection, dialogue, introspection and conversation. It’s part of the fabric of our lives.”

The artist lives and works in New Hampshire.


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