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Marchal’s work is currently moving towards a search on the matter, the forces that compose and decompose it. By playing on the balance between the full and the empty, he creates a dynamic, a transparency and a lightness that introduce the idea of a body moving, complex and multiple.

Sculpture, painting or bas-relief, all these forms of expressions interact and provide a common answer.

The subject of the body is a pretext to highlight the idea of movement through dynamic lines orchestrated by a graphical and geometric language. They symbolize an anatomy composed of layers and networks, a physical naked architecture that is at the same time rich, deep and infinite, revealing a latent abstraction.

I invite the audience to lose itself within these forms as we would get lost in the depths of our mind.

In his works, bodies are jostled, represented in constant imbalance, destabilized by a natural or human force.  He aims to reveal human relations and the absurdity of certain behaviour inherent to our society through classic themes such as ‘the Rise’ or the representation of simple feelings (selfishness or anger).

By representing these bodies as both powerful and fragile, the artist expresses his own contradictions and especially the complexity of human nature. Powerful by their posture and appearance, fragile because of the many forms they constitute. They are at the mercy of the external forces identified earlier which seem to be about to fragment and collapse. His works enable him to expose his feelings. The poetry emerging from the colours, shapes and compositions releases humanity back to these robotized beings, ‘super-hero’ of misleading appearances.

His inspiration emerges from the place where he is located, the people that will pass through it and the culture that surrounds it.

His works are made only with oil painting, giving them an excellent quality.









Exposition personnelle Galerie de Ré (Los Angeles, USA) Exposition personnelle Galerie Lazarew (Paris, France) Salon Art Up Lille, Grand Palais de Lille Inception Gallery



Exposition collective galerie Lavergne (Mulhouse) Exposition personnelle à la galerie « NINE 5 » (NYC, USA) Exposition personnelle à la galerie « Lazarew Bruxelles »



Exposition collective « Where Art You" (Galerie PDP) PARIS 3. Exposition personnelle à la Galerie Lazarew (Paris 3, France). Exposition « De Re Gallery » , Los Angeles, Etats-Unis.    Exposition « Festival d’Arts Plastiques » au Carla Bayle (FRANCE). Exposition Glastonbury (UK).

Exposition Galerie Brissot “Art Contemporain",(Paris, France).



Exposition "Mythic 27" Espace Pierre Cardin ( Paris, France ) Exposition "Onde de Choc" PDP Gallery (Paris,France) Exposition "Quand la ville dort" PDP Gallery, (Paris, France) Exposition Galerie PDP (Barcelone, Espagne).

Musée Van Gogh, "Vincentre" à Nuenen (Pays-Bas), réalisation de 4 toiles inspirées du travail de l'artiste.

Exposition au Théâtre de "L'avant-scène" (Hauts de Seine).

Exposition collective “Strictly paper”, Galerie Schwalbe & Schwalbe (Munich,Allemagne).



Exposition personnelle Galerie "NINE 5" (New-York, USA). Exposition personnelle à la Galerie "Seize" Marseille (France). Exposition collective Galerie Raphaël Imbert (Paris, France).



Exposition collective (Jacques Villeglé…), Galerie Moretti-Moretti (Paris, France).

Résidence à l’Alliance Française - Rio de Janeiro (Brésil) Exposition personnelle, Galerie Lazarew (Paris 3, France) Exposition collective, Galerie Confluences (Paris, France) Art Paris - Grand Palais (Paris, France) - Galerie Lazarew



Show Off Paris - Présentation d’une pièce monumentale, Pont Alexandre III, (Paris, France)

Exposition - Galerie La Place Forte (Paris, France) Exposition collective - Galerie Confluences (Paris, France)



Exposition collective - Galerie Prescription Art (Brighton, Angleterre) Exposition collective - Galerie 208 (Paris, France)



Exposition collective - Prescription Art (Londres, Angleterre) Exposition personnelle Renault (Rueil Malmaison, France) Exposition collective «Carrefour des passions», Vincennes (France)



Exposition collective SNCF (Paris, France)

Exposition personnelle - Théâtre de Draveil (Draveil, France)



Exposition collective « Une œuvre pour un lieu » de cinq professeurs d’Arts Plastiques organisée par le Rectorat de Versailles, le Crdp et le département « Art » de l’Iufm de Versailles - CME (Versailles, France)

Exposition personnelle - Maison Fernand Léger (Corbeil Essonne, France)



Exposition personnelle - Maison Fernand Léger (Corbeil Essonne, France) Exposition Ateliers d’Architecture des Beaux Arts de Paris (Paris, France)



Exposition collective - Espace Melin (Villabé, France)



Exposition collective "Les enfants de mai 68 sex posent" - Espace Melin (Villabé, France)



Exposition collective - Biennale de l’Essonne - Château de Villiers (Draveil, France) Exposition collective - Galerie de l'Aire Libre (Evry, France)

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