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Mirek Struzik was born in 1956 in Żarów, Poland.

In 1989 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in the department ofgraphics, painting and sculpture - sculpture specialty. Master of fine art.

"I am a professional artist, I specialise in public space sculpture. My inspiration for sculpture activities in public art is a human being and their space of existence. I also have all the necessary technical knowledge and practice, due to my education (mechanical college) and a lifetime of professional work with metal processing technologies. When realizing public art orders I cooperate successfully with managers and constructors of large buildings. This cooperation gives positive results in the form of final works of art and all of them are made within construction schedules, deadlines and set budgets".

 My main and incessant inspiration lies in nature viewed as micro in macro structure. I’m especially fascinated by the floral patterns, such as constructions of flowers and plants. I do my best for my projects to express universal qualities, as well as be understandable, engaging and interesting for diverse cultural communities.





2016 Participation in “The Beauty of Animals” exhibition by Medialia Gallery, New York, USA
2015 Participation in „Istanbul Light Festival” Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Participation in 6th International Art Biennale, Beijing
2015 Participation in exhibition „Beauty of Animals - Global Art Medal Grand Prix” Beijing
2013 Participation in 9th International Sculpture Symposium, Davos, Switzerland
2013 Post-competition exhibition „Concurso Internatcional de Escultura Urbana Ciudad de Murcia”, Spain
2013 Participation in 25th International sculpture Biennale, Ube, Japonia
2012 „European Sculpture Exhibition”, Stockholm.
2012 Art. Expo, New York.
2012 “Premio Internacionale Tokyo”, Galeria Amart Luise, Brusseles, Belgium.
2011 “European Sculpture: methods, materials, poetry”, Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm
2011 “Premio Internacionale Tokyo”, Galery Amart Luise, Brusseles, Belgium.
2010 „Open Art Code”, GemlucArt, Monte Carlo, Monaco
2010 „Open Art Code”, Galeriy OXO, London, Great Britain
2009 „Sculpture in Context”, National Botanic Garden, Dublin, Irlandia.
2009 Individual exhibition in Vratislavia Centre, Wrocław, Poland
2008 10th International Triennale of Religious Art in Kraków, Poland
2008 Exhibition of 100th anniversary of Hungarian Polonia in Budapest, Hungary



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