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By crafting organic forms from a metal, Hyldreth creates a unique symbiosis between nature and structure, unifying the sculpture and the surroundings through the free-flowing energy and architecture of his artworks.

Damon Hyldreth’s work stands as a reminder of the connection between man and nature, blurring the divide between nature and structure, space and form. This results in a strong symbiosis between the formal elements of his sculpture and its surroundings, both architectural and natural.

Using mainly  stainless steel, as well as the bronze and Cor-ten steel, Hyldreth allows his materials to dictate their final shape and become an ultimate collaboration between man and matter. The evocative forms subliminally draw the public.

Public and private installations of Hyldreth’s work include the town of Palm Desert, CA, the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, The W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, Trump Hollywood, Hollywood, FL Neiman Marcus, Houston, TX,  Soffitel Hotel, Los Angeles, CA and the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza in London, and Queen Rania of Jordan, to name but a few.

Damon’s work reflects a refined balance of positive and negative space that blends emotion with form while capturing the sensual and organic forces of nature in materials that are clearly man-made.

Damon lives and works in San Francisco





2016   ÆRENA Galleries, St Helena & Healdsburg CA     

2016   House Of Fine Art, London UK

2014   ÆRENA Galleries, St Helena & Healdsburg CA

2014   I. Wolk Gallery, St Helena, CA

2012   Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, Yountville CA

2012   I. Wolk Gallery, St Helena, CA

2011   JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2011   Hanson Gallery, Sausalito, CA

2010   I. Wolk Gallery, St Helena, CA (2 Person Show)

2010   Crucible's Cathedral Gallery, Oakland, CA

2009   I. Wolk Gallery, St Helena, CA

2007   Palm Desert Art In Public Places, Palm Desert, CA

2006   California Modern Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2005   Marriott Desert Springs Resort, Palm Desert, CA

2004   San Francisco Open Studios, San Francisco, CA

2004   Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

2004   Walter & McBean Galleries, San Francisco, CA

2003   Palm Desert Art In Public Places, Palm Desert, CA

2003   Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2003   Rx Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2002   A Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2002   ed.s Limited Gallery, Emeryville, CA

2002   SCA Gallery, Pomona, CA

2001   Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA

2001   Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA

2000   William Zimmer Gallery, Mendocino, CA

1998   Sugar From The Bone Gallery, Portland, OR

1997   Chase Gallery, Spokane, WA

1996   Gango Gallery, Portland, OR

1995   Alexa Lee Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

1994   A Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

1993   Bristol Gallery, Denver, CO

1991   Aaron Aubrey Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

1990   Triangle Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

1989   A Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

1988   Nat'l Congress of Art & Design, Salt Lake City, UT

1987   Aaron Gallery, Denver, CO

1987   Art Expo Cal, Los Angeles, CA

1985   Charles Hollis Jones, Los Angeles, CA

1984   Vorpal Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

1981   Art Expo New York, New York City, NY

1978   Gilman Galleries, Chicago, IL

1976   Sinar Fine Arts Ltd, Canterbury, Kent, England

1975   Habatat Galleries, Dearborn, MI

1973   Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX

1972   Fall River Art Association, Fall River, MA

1972   Herman Fine Arts Centre, Marietta, OH

1972   Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

1972   Gilman Galleries, Chicago, IL

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