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Our concept is to develop a dynamic contemporary art gallery representing worldwide famous living artists aiming to support established and emerging artists not or not much exhibited in France yet.

The limited number of artists will allow us to concentrate and to realize projects not only within the gallery but also outside of it while following and promoting their career. This exhibitions will be the heart and spirit of this gallery and will keep a tight link to contemporary art museum, foundations and institutions.
The idea to exchange, join and develop an international network with countries in economical boom supporting art and creation is one of the key position of the gallery's programme and will be a big part of its evolution.

Our exclusive list of artists, has permitted us to be part of several contemporary art fairs since the opening of the gallery.
Thank to a dynamic communication and promotion, information will be revitalized for each exhibition, events and various activities.
Representing important artists from all the world contributes to make of our gallery a hub of ideas exchanges and intelligences.
All along our programme, we will collect interviews, and dialogues with critics, curators, and professionnels in order to offer to French and European art amateurs a place dedicated to discovery and shared knowledge.


Being faithful and obedient, monumental sculpture has always been complementary to the architecture and accompanied its privileged sister in order to intergrate more or less organically the space created by the latter. Today, the sculpture goes down from its usual pedestal and invades everything, it doesn't obey no longer any rule and exists even apart from a given architectural context. It plays its own and independent part in the space and society, and makes the viewer have a reaction that is different from an ordinary and passive admiration or even disinterest with which it had been treated over several centuries.

Nowadays, monumental sculptures appear in the middle of parks and gardens, form part of builduings, cellars, hotels and palaces, contemporary art museums, wine estates, companies, business centres. They reinforce an image of status, prestige and success.
They reflect their owners soul and become emblems of buildings, companies, châteaux and estates.

The imposing and majestic proportions of the monumental sculpture give a sense of power and evoke admiration and wonder. These outdoor sculptures attract tourists and create a wonderful visual appeal. The monumental sculpture is driven to meaning prosperity and success, creating emotions and providing visibility that impacts the visitor.
A personal passion for collecting is often mixed together with philantropic approach. Anyway, the basic idea is initially to share his love and passion with public. It is obvious that without a particular fondness of the owner for the world of art, any initiative in this direction could fail. However, even if the owner can be an art lover, it does not mean that its company should be deprived of positive image due to the action of patronage.

The benefits are numerous. Besides the embellishment of properties and architectural complexes, sometimes too strict or even monotonous, the sculptures can offer to all places a special identity and easily recognisable image.
Thus, SAS Inception Gallery collaborates with a great number of artists Jonathan Prince, Charles Hadcock, David Harber, Nathalie Decoster, Matt Devine, Andy Scott, David Breuer-Weil, George Panossian, Stéphane Cipre, Richard Orlinski, Unus Safardiar, Marc Fornes, Yvonne Domenge, Damon Hyldreth, Ran Hwang, Soo Sunny Park…, and gives you the opportunity to experience different aspects of monumental work.
We have a pleasure to offer you the art works by architects and sculptors of tomorrow.



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