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Anthony Wigglesworth has developed his painting technique in order to reveal ambient abstraction.

His abstract compositions are produced by a wide variety of treatments. The surfaces are built with a painting knife and large brush strokes.

The familiarity with the different textures, combined with the use of squeegees and sharp metallic blades, reveals a unique way to approach painting.

The superposition of materials and pigments creates major works, dynamic, brilliant or dark.

Anthony Wigglesworth carefully builds his personal iconic surfaces.

The paint, applied meticulously with a squeegee by thick and thin layers, reveals the artist’s unique technique.

He spreads the paint vertically and horizontally on the canvas and produces bright, vivid colors that integrate with each other. The result is visually consistent.

As an architect, he conceives his paintings as a plan before building strong pictorial “foundations”.

By this way, he explores the structure, the density, the superposition, the fluidness, the movement, the spatial illusion and the texture with the aim of creating a powerful work of art.

The artist is constantly trying to capture the ethereal that he aims to reveal into lucid form, to celebrate pure abstraction.

Anthony live in Dublin.

Can you tell me how long ago you are painting?

I’ve been an exhibiting artist since 2007. When I started working professionally as an artist I worked completely in black and white inks on representative works.

My style developed and changed over the years gradually moving towards more and more abstract works.

I spent years working in the absence of color, preferring to work with the intricacies of detail.

Then four years ago I started exploring color in my work. Around the same time I made the move from representative work to complete abstraction and began painting using oils.

Can you tell me your technique?

I create my abstract paintings using a variety of tools . Brushes, palette knives and large squeegees are all incorporated into the process .

Firstly, I create the under layers of the paintings using brushes and small palette knives. Then through a process of continuous addition and subtraction the work starts to develop. I use a lot of silver, gold and pewter paint in my work to help create light within the pieces themselves.

I’m interested in the paint itself as an artistic device. By using oil mediums alongside the paint I’ve learned new methods of extracting patterns from the pigments themselves.

I find the whole process intriguing as it involves creating and destroying in almost equal measures to achieve the final result.

What is your motivation to make paintings in the style "Abstract paintings ?

I’m inspired by the flora, fauna and the designs that make up my everyday environment.

I’m lucky enough that my studio looks out over the very beautiful south Dublin harbour of Dun laoghaire.

Looking out the studio window it’s hard not to feel inspired by the ever changing color palette of the wide open sea and sky.

My work and my color palette is definitely inspired by nature but I’m not trying to create works that mimic the natural world.

I’m more interested in creating new scenes within my work. Whether it’s in my ink work or my oils, I always strive to create something completely unique.

Frédéric Alquier Inception Gallery Director 





Solo Exhibitions

2014 What Lies Beneath, The Helix, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.
2014 Dark Summer, Baggot Hutton, 28 South William Street, Dublin, Ireland.
2013 In The Web of the City, Number 10, Ormond Quay, Dublin, Ireland.
2012 Dark Summer, Baggot Hutton, 28 South William Street, Dublin, Ireland.
2010 Absent Light, Number 10, Ormond Quay, Dublin, Ireland.
2009 Achromatic Elements, Number 10, Ormond Quay, Dublin, Ireland.
2008 Blacklight, Number 10, Ormond Quay, Dublin, Ireland.
2007 Lights Out, The Front Lounge, Dublin, Ireland.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 The Beauty of Color, 4 Times Square, New York, The United States of America.
2015 Then and Now, Harbour View, Marine Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.
2015 Selected Works, The Picture Frame Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
2014 New Music Dublin, The National Concert Hall, Dublin, Ireland.
2014 Cork French Film Festival, The Gate Cinema, Cork, Ireland.
2014 Punto y Raya Festival, Reykjavík Concert Hall, Iceland.
2014 Synthesis, The Irish Film Institute, Dublin, Ireland.

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