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A self-trained artist - a status that gives Renate Verbrugge a full liberty of expression. Her sculptures express themselves within a large range of forms, that go from abstract to almost narrative.  

The artist is distinguished by her care for the stone she works with, by her questioning in the midst of abstract and figurative and by her relationship with the volumes in a space. 

In the way of a poet, her chisel draws in depth a head, a shoulder, an arm resting on a weightlessly floating body. 

The artist works on noble and heavy materials like marble, the Belgian blue stone or Taranaki stone. Her sculptures are balanced and reveal a lightness in perfect harmony with the materials that compose them. Since her path is guided by emotions, Renate Verbrugge bases her language on the affects.

Her representations of the feminine body are often the fruit of deep reflection. The outcome, that is always harmonious, results from profound research and an innate sensibility for shapes and volumes.Her sculptures are not objects, but living bodies. 

With Girl Power, Carrare’s marble becomes a message where the matter and energy become one and same thought - a reasoning in a search for universality. 

With her monumental sculptures the artist recognizes that the stone holds unsuspected energy and tension and their imposing size does not exclude the subtility of the shape. 

Renate Verbrugge collaborates in numerous events and her sculptures are included in public and personal collections in New-Zealand, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Slovakia, Sweden, India and Turkey.

The artist lives and works in New-Zealand. 


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