Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski

Tue, 22. October 2019 - Sat, 23. November 2019
Inception Gallery - Nantes,
Past Exhibition





For several years now, Richard Orlinski created his own universe with the animals that fascinated him: crocodiles, panthers, wolves, bears and kong all belong to his concept called "Born Wild".
His amazing and coloured works met with global success.
Highly influenced by Pop Art, the artist creates artworks linked with the fashion world (pairs of jeans, leather jackets and stilettos) and wildlife (the wolf, tiger, bear, Lion and T-rex).
«I want my art to remain accessible to a large audience and I use to work a lot with young people. I wish to reach everyone», he explains.
He plays with the proportions of the animals and thus aims to enliven them with the strength, ferocity and power that characterize wild beasts.
“I play with the shapes, I change them. I modify their forms according to my vision.”
"I am always looking for perfection. I like when a sculpture is perfectly finished and completed ».




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