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Unus Safardiar, Russian Artist, has joined the Inception Gallery's team in early May 2014.

Unus Safardiar, born in 1968 in Samarkhand (Ouzbékistan), graduated as a Painter from the College of Arts, Saint Petersburg [1979 -85]. After graduation, he entered into the Russian Academy Of Art in Saint Petersburg to do his Masters in Fine Arts. He came to Britain in 1994 and Since then he involved himself into full time sculpting.

"I feel modern art is like a headless chicken running around without any sense of direction. I want to change that and give it a new sense of purpose. They say that the line between genius and evil is three millimetres. Pop culture doesn't deal with millimetres; it majors with kilometres so there is no difference between talent and mediocrity. I hate mediocrity. That's why in the West where everything is based on sensation people stopped celebrating beauty. We need to create new forms, new beauty".

"My sculpture is my life. There was a period when I just wanted to surprise, and then at the age Christ died I realised what I really wanted was to transform space, explore an alternative reality and connect past, present and future."


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