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Urban art, also called street art is a contemporary art form that includes several disciplines applied in the street.

Banksy, a mythical character of the urban scene, is considered as a modern troubadour.

Politically engaged and pacifist, the artist uses his art as a means of communication to express his dissatisfaction and claims against the societal system.


Incisive and mind-blowing, Banksy oscillates between humor, politics and poetry.

Provocative and disruptive, he loves to shock society. As such, his works surprise and fascinate the public.


His public and media success is certain and unarguable. Banksy has become a brand, a business and a merchandise. Some do not hesitate to remove the parts of the walls bearing his paintings.

Thanks to this growing speculation attached to his name, Banksy decided to install a temporary stand, selling his art anonymously in the street for a few tens of dollars. The result did not exceed ten sales in one day! No comment !


As for the mass media, they have diffrent opinions on his works. Well known for his rebellious side, irreverent and ironic, Banksy appreciates the mystery surrounding his identity.

However, the media ask themselves the following questions:

Banksy is he a fake rebel?

A spoiled child with very substantial financial resources, Banksy has become a commercial artist.

A group of several "street artists" from New York has even installed different posters in the city in order to denounce the "hypocrisy" of the position of the artist who seems to become a millionaire.

Banksy is he a vandal?

"Banksy is a vandal" according to the mayor of New York. "His graffiti deface public property and it can not be tolerated!"

Banksy is he a superficial artist?

Some media raged on the work by Banksy accusing of sympathising with liberals and leftists, citing an entertaining combination of art, money and fame.

From my point of view, Banksy has revolutionized street art, putting every person in front of the contradictions concerning art.

Fame has its own price to pay, and it is only the begenning for Banksy.

You can see the works by Banksy on the website of Inception gallery.

Mission accomplished!


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