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The Korean Cultural Center New York presents Ran Hwang

Korean Cultural Center New York
460 Park Avenue 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Celebrating 1000 years of the rich history of hanji, Korean traditional handmade paper, the Korean Cultural Center New York presents a feature exhibition of hanji artworks by contemporary artist Ran Hwang in Re:visioning HANJI.

Hanji literally means ‘the paper of Hanguk and is an exquisite traditional paper made with the fibrous skin of mulberry trees. The process of making hanji is lengthy and complicated.It has been used in a multitude of ways not only as paper for drawing and writing, but also as efficient materials to create products such as suits of armor, lamps, and windows. The exhibition explores the past, present, and future of hanji – from its long history since the 4th and 5th centuries to contemporary artworks by two renowned hanji artists as well as the infinite potential of hanji in the global market.


The participating artist, Ran Hwang, is an internationally renowned poetic installation artist.
Ran Hwang currently works and lives in New York City and Seoul. She has exhibited at several international institutions including the Queens Museum of Art, the UNESCO Paris Headquarters, the MASS MoCA, International Museum of Art and Science, the Third Floor-Hermès, and the Seoul Arts Center Museum.
She uses thousands of handmade hanji buttons to create large-scale installation works. Hwang’s 9 feet tall installation depicting the Triumphal Arch and Eiffel Tower will be shown at the exhibition. The installation, the Beginning of the Bright, is made of Hangul (Korean alphabet) shaped hanji buttons to celebrate Hangul’s designation as a UNESCO Record Cultural Heritage.
The Re:visioning HANJI exhibition is presented in part with the 2016 Asia Week New York and in its mission “to promote Asian art in New York City [in collation with] top-tier Asian art specialists, major auction houses, and world renowned museums” including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Sotheby’s, and Christie’s auction house among many others.

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