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Collected by SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco, Helmut & Dana Swarovski, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones… The british sculptor Richard Hudson began working with sculpture at a relatively late age after many years of travel. He has been focusing his work on the female figure but has of late worked with an abstract expression. His soft lines and voluptuous, nearly bombastic, style combine with inspiration from Modernism’s great names like Henry Moore, Jean Arp and Constantin Brancusi, which rocketed his career forward.


His Work is, first and foremost, a persuasive argument to re‐evaluate Western Sculpture in the long tradition of creating beauty and, more specifically, in its substance.

Beauty unfolds through a sensory adventure, giving the viewer a sense of balance and harmony. A hallowed sense, which each culture has redefined in their own way over the course of history.


In Tear, Hudson explores his interest in symbols such as the heart or the teardrop and the significance that lies behind their simplified forms.

Hudson creates his own striking interpretation of the subject. The work exemplifies Hudson’s perceptive and innovative use of materials.

I am drawn to the multiple reflections of the landscape that the surface creates.


Hudson’s use of highly polished stainless steel also imbues it with a certain intangibility. In a playful exploration of the protean properties of a tear, the reflective surface means that the work is subject to the changing moods of the environment that surrounds it. As Hudson explains: ‘In my outdoor monumental work I am drawn to the multiple reflections of the landscape that the surface creates. For me this acts as an extension of the curves and lines of the teardrop itself’.

Tear also exists in the dimensions of 200 cm, 120 cm and 50 cm


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