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In 25 years, Stanley Casselman has developed his painting technique in order to reveal ambient abstraction.

Geometric abstraction...


Noise-1-17 -Acrylic on canvas-124x107cm 

He discovered geometric abstraction in the 1980s. He explored various materials and began to insert monofilament paper under the paint layer of his monochromatic paintings.

His abstract compositions are produced by a wide variety of treatments. The surfaces are built with a painting knife and large brush strokes.

The superposition of paint creates major works...


Luminor-8-24 -Acrylic on canvas 213x213cm 

The familiarity with the different textures, combined with the use of squeegees and sharp metallic blades, reveals a unique way to approach painting.

The superposition of materials and pigments creates major works, dynamic, brilliant or dark.

...which creates bright, vibrant colors merging all together...


IR-41-3 -Acrylic on Canvas- 165x165 cm 

Stanley Casselman carefully builds his personal iconic surfaces. The paint, applied meticulously with a squeegee by thick and thin layers, reveals the artist’s unique technique. He spreads the paint vertically and horizontally on the canvas and produces bright, vivid colors that integrate with each other. The result is visually consistent.

Like an architect, he conceives his painting as a plan...


Luminor-8-22- Acrylic on Canvas- 223x198cm 

As an architect, he conceives his paintings as a plan before building strong pictorial “foundations”. By this way, he explores the structure, the density, the superposition, the fluidness, the movement, the spatial illusion and the texture with the aim of creating a powerful work of art.

Acclaimed art critic Jerry Saltz became a great admirer of Casselman’s work...


Luminor-9-22 -Acrylic on Canvas-198x198cm 

The artist is constantly trying to capture the ethereal that he aims to reveal into lucid form, to celebrate pure abstraction.

Acclaimed art critic Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine became a great admirer of Casselman’s work to whom he bought several paintings.

Stanley Casselman is ranked 238th on the report of 2016 Contemporary Art Market.


Noise-1-21-Acrylic on Canvas-155x124cm

According to the Contemporary Art Market Annual Report 2016 published by Artprice, Stanley Casselman is in the 238th position in the top artists ranked by auction sales.

His technique and his ability to represent abstraction reveal the artist’s high potential which did not escaped numerous collectors.

The artist has gained international recognition and his work can now be seen at several art fairs, including Miami, Hong Kong and Basel.

He lives and works in New York.

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