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Hanaa Mallalah studied Fine Art in Baghdad with an emphasis on graphics and painting. In 2005 her thesis concerning the logic order in Mesopotamian drawing gained her a PhD in the Philosophy of Painting. She has taught and lectured widely at a several faculties of the University of Fine Arts in Baghdad. At the end of 2006 she left Iraq for an artist residency at the Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris and from there followed the call of a fellowship offered by SOAS in London in 2008. She currently holds a fellowship at the Chelsea College of Art in London. Her work graces numerous private collections, art centres and museums, including the Centre for Modern Art, Baghdad, the Jordan National Museum Amman, The British Museum, The Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, The Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharja.
Hanaa Malallah is internationally acclaimed for her material-focused practice and her philosophical/spiritual explorations into the nature of being and not being. She lives and works in London.

“To physically taste war is completely different than to experience it second-hand. The first lesson taught by physically tasting war is that ruination is the essence of all being: Death has no meaning and anything solid can be reduced to nothing in seconds. The learning of this process of vanishing, this morphing of matter to dust, of something into nothing, has led me to conclude that ruination, or destruction is hidden de facto in the phenomenon of figuration. Thus, for the last five years I have explored the space located between figuration and abstraction, between existing and vanishing, a concept which for me also holds deep spiritual meaning.”


2008 - Post Graduate Certificate In Islamic & Modern Art: SOAS University (Art & Archaeology Dept) & Certificate in Academic English (Reading & Writing) & Delivering seminar (Ruins Technique in Contemporary Iraqi Art).
2005 - PHD / Doctorate degree in the Philosophy of Painting: Baghdad University The title of my thesis is Logic Order in Ancient Mesopotamian painting.
2000 - MA in Painting: Baghdad University
1988 - BA in Painting: Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad
1979 - Diploma in Graphic Art: Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad


1984 - 1985 - Prize of Arab Organization of Education, Culture & Sciences
1991 - First Prize in Painting / The Eighth Festival of Al-Wasiti
1991 - Honorary Award from Artists Union
1991 - Honorary / Ain Gallery – Baghdad
2002 - Honorary Award/ The South Lebanese Cultural Council


Centre for Arts/ Baghdad
The Royal Jordanian Museum
The British Museum
Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern A




Hanaa Malallah by Inception Gallery

Hanaa Malallah by Inception Gallery




Solo Exhibitions

2016 – Biohazard, DOLPH projects, London

2014 – Works on Paper, The Park Gallery, London

2013 – The Park Gallery, London

2012 – Inception Gallery, Paris

2009 – Vivid Ruins, The Mosaic Rooms, Qattan Foundation, London

2006 – Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain

2005 – Anda Gallery, Amman

2002 – Anda Gallery, Amman

1999 – Drawing, Athar Gallery, Baghdad

1998 – Schedules and Signals, Athar Gallery, Baghdad

1996 – Icons of Environment, Hiwar Art Gallery, Baghdad

1995 – Abaad Gallery, Amman

1994 – Pursuing the Trace, Atelier Nadhar, Baghdad

1993 – Baghdad: Geography People Symbols, Centre for Arts, Baghdad

1991 – Museum Visits Documents, Centre for Arts, Baghdad


Art Fairs

2015 – Abu Dhabi Art Fair

2015 – Art15, London

2014 – Art14, London

2013 – Abu Dhabi Art Fair

2013 – Scope Basel Art Fair

2012 – Abu Dhabi Art Fair

2010 – Dubai Art Fair


Group Exhibitions

2014 – Reflections of War, Flowers, London

2014 – A Tribute to Rafa Nasiri, Nabha Gallery, Amman

2013 – Meem Gallery, Dubai

2013 – Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait

2013 – Ten Year After: Reflections on the Invasion of Iraq, Project and exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts & Design London University, London

2012 – Iraq: How, Where, for Whom? with Kennardphillips, Qattan Foundation, The Mosaic Rooms, London

2011 – Swiss Re (Gherkin), London

2011 – Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah

2011 – Art in Iraq Today (Conclusion Show), Meem Gallery, Dubai

2011 – Art in Iraq Today, Beirut Exhibition Centre, Beirut

2010 – Art in Iraq Today, Meem Gallery, Dudai

2010 – Beyond The War, LTMH Gallery, New York

2009 – The Recessionists, Somerset, England

2009 – Modernism and Iraq, Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University in the City of New York

2008 – Iraqi Artist in Exile, Station Museum, USA

2008 – Iraq’s Past Speaks to the Present, British Museum

2007 – Sophisticated Ways: Distruction of an Ancient City, Ayagallery, London

2007 – Green Zone Red Zone, Gemak Den Haag, Holland

2005 – Contemporary Iraqi Book Art, UAS, Texas College

2005 – Contemporary Iraqi Exhibition, Paris

2005 – Iraqi Exhibition, East and West Foundation, Holland

2004 – Celebrating the Creativity of the Collaboration Between Iraqi Art and Literature, Frankfurt

2004 – Homage to Shakir Hassan, Orfly Art Gallery, Amman

2003 – Miniatures of Iraqi Art, Dijlah Gallery, Baghdad

2003 – The Hundredth, Hiwar Gallery, Baghdad

2003 – Before. After. Now, Deluxe Gallery, Hoxton Square, London

2003 – Women Artists from the Islamic Wold, Spain, UNESCO Paris

2003 – Tawashujat: Between Poet and Artists, The Jordan National Gallery of FineArts, Amman

2003 – Expressions of Hope: Iraqi Art, Ayagallery, London

2002 – Contemporary Iraqi Art in China

2002 – Baghdad International Festival for Contemporary Art

2002 – Conference of Creative Arab Women, Tunisia

2000 – Strokes of Genius: Contemporary Iraqi Art, Brunei Gallery, London

2000 – Contemporary Iraqi Art, Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris

2000 – Significance of Experimentation, Baghdad Gallery, Baghdad

2000 – Co-Exhibition, Ghassan Ghaeb and Kareem Risan, Ather Gallary, Baghdad


Museum Acquisitions

Centre for Arts, Baghdad

The Royal Jordanian Museum

The British Museum

Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art

Barjeel Art Foundation