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Monique Orsini was born in Quercitello (Corsica) in 1937, from teachers parents. His father spend most of his free time painting, enjoying particularly the reproduction of works from famous artists. Since her youngest age, the young girl is naturally attract by visual arts, supported by a flawless father-daughter complicity. Graduate of the Ecole Normal (Paris), she has participated to numerous artistic internships, and stayed constently informed about the cultural and artistic world, particularly about galleries and museums.

Monique Orsini’s painting is fluid, light and does not lack of anything: it is liquid as the desir, burning as the fire, warm and odorous as the summer lands. Her works are like full of love as Bengt Lindström has, in few sentences, underlined the extrem attraction: `what seduces me in Monique Orsini’s work, is this serene force which comes out of the surface. This painting is cosmic and transports us through an unknown journey to the universal language.

Quadroon, she is well aware of the Asian culture and her friends, Chu Teh Chun and Zao Wou-Ki, have attracted her toward this painting harnessing the space of the canvas, and conscious of the light by appropriating the natural elements such as the wind, the incoherence of the clouds or the running water. Besides the group exhibitions she took part into, numerous solo exhibitions, in France and abroad notably Sweden, Turkey, and in China have punctuated the artistique carrer of Monique Orsini. Chu Teh Chun got it right. He is indeed a fervent amateur of Orsini’s works, and purchased several paintings.

Monique Orsini lives and works near Paris.




Monique Orsini by Inception Gallery

Monique Orsini by Inception Gallery




2018 / Musée d'Art Asiatique, Nice (France)

2018 / Inception Gallery, Paris (France)

2017 / Galerie Valois, New York (USA) 

2017 / IAM, Lausanne (Suisse)

2016 / Inception Gallery, Paris (France)

2016 / Galerie Birch, Copenhague (Danemark) 

2015 / Shangri La, Pudong Shanghai (Chine)

2015 / Art Taipei, Taiwan

2015 / IAM, Lausanne (Suisse)

2014 / Exposition au Musée d’art asiatique, Nice (France)

2014 / Galerie de Grancy, Lausanne, Suisse

2013 / Galerie Fatiha Selam, Paris

2012/ Galerie Vieceli, Paris

2012/ Galerie Osgor,

2012/ Galerie Grancy, Lausanne, Suisse

2012/ Inception Gallery, Paris

2012/ Galerie Mathieu, La Baule

2011 / Musée de La Citadelle, Villefranche-sur-Mer

2011 / Galerie de Grancy, Lausanne, Suisse

2011 / Galerie Gour-Beneforti, Bastia, Corse

2010 / Galerie Vieceli, Paris

2010 / Galerie Mathieu, Biarritz

2010 / Centre Culturel de Porto-Vecchio, Corse

2010 / Galerie Art Feelings, Shanghai

2009/ Galerie Vieceli, Cannes

2009/ Galerie Rozanoff, Nice

2009/ Galerie Aria, Porto-Vecchio

2009/ Galerie FPL, Royan

2009/ Galerie Spolnik, La Varenne Saint Hilaire

2009/ Salon Comparaison, Grand Palais, Paris

2009/ Foire de Strasbourg

2008 / Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Paris

2008 / Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Genève

2008 / Galerie Christian Meyer, Saint Denis, La Réunion

2008 / Salon Comparaison, Grand Palais, Paris

2007 / Galerie du Levant, Porto-Vecchio

2007 / Galerie Louise Alexander, Porto Cervo, Sardaigne

2007 / Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Paris

2007 / Salon Comparaison, Grand Palais, Paris

2006 / Galerie Art Feelings, Parc floral de Vincennes et Domus

2006 / Foire de Shanghai

2006 / Salon Comparaison Grand Palais, Paris

2006 / Galerie des Tuiliers, Cécile Darmon, Lyon

2006 / Foire d’Istanbul

2005 / Galerie Magenta, Milan

2005 / Foire de Nîmes, Galerie Nicole Gogat

2005 / Galerie Chloé Van Dongen, Troyes

2005 / Mac 2000, Paris

2005 / Art Metz

2005 / Foire d’Istanbul

2005 / Foire de Shanghai

2004 / Clinique de la vision, Paris

2004 / Galerie Les Arcades, printemps des poètes, Paris

2004 / Les arts millésimés, Troyes

2004 / Mac 2000, Paris

2004 / Art Metz

2004 / Galerie du Cardinal, Ajaccio

2004 / Foire d’Istanbul

2003 / Galerie Cour Saint Pierre, Genève

2003 / Galerie Artis Voke, Maastricht

2003 / Mac 2000, Paris

2003 / Foire d’Istanbul

2003 / Art Metz

2003 / Foire de Barcelone

2003 / Mémoires de l’Art, exposition itinérante, États-Unis

2003 / Château Aubenas

2003 / Marché de la poésie, Paris

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